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The Swedeland volunteer fire company homepage

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This is about our apparatus

We have 5 pieces of apparatus.this consists of a chiefs truck,fire police unit,ladder truck,squad,and a engine.
The numbers are:Chiefs truck=CAR 48,Fire police=TRAFFIC 48,Ladder truck=LADDER 48,Squad=SQUAD 48,and Engine=ENGINE 48

CAR 48 is a 2002 GMC chiefs truck
TRAFFIC 48 is a 2003 Ford/horton ambulance body
LADDER 48 is a 1996 Simon-duplex/Smeal 105ft. heavy duty ladder
SQUAD 48 is a 1988 Pierce rescue pumper
ENGINE 48 is a 1989 Simon-duplex/Quality engine

Swedeland volunteer fire company * 609 "A" street* Swedeland* PA * 19406